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Warranty Information

Where do I ship my knife for warranty service?

Please ship your knife, along with a note describing desired service to:

Kai USA, Ltd.
Attn: Warranty Department
18600 SW Teton Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062
(800) 325-2891

Can I ship my knife in a padded envelope?

Please use a box. Padded envelopes are usually destroyed during the shipping process and knives can be lost. We cannot be responsible for knives lost during shipping.

Can I have my old knife back if you choose to replace it?

We're sorry, but we cannot replace a knife and return the old one.

How long does the Speed-Safe torsion bar last?

We test our torsion bar to 10,000 openings. However, at some point, the torsion bar may need to be replaced. We will gladly do this at our facility free of charge.

I shipped my knife to you for repair. Have you received it?

We encourage our customers to ship via UPS or Fed-Ex as these companies automatically provide a tracking number. The tracking number allows the customer to verify the knife’s arrival to our facility.

If the customer prefers mailing the knife to us via the post office, we suggest insuring the package and using the Delivery Confirmation service. Again, this will provide a tracking number for the customer to verify the arrival of the knife.

Shipping and mailing times vary greatly. Please check with the shipping service for the approximate shipping time from their facility to ours.

Can I have a part sent to me?

Yes, but blades will NOT be sent out. If your knife is in need of more than one part or requiring work on the blade, you are welcome to send it in for warranty service free of charge. Otherwise, use the "Contact Us" form to request parts. Remember that parts are specific to each knife model, so please make sure the model number is included in your request for parts. You can locate the four digit model number on the blade or handle.

What is your turn around time?

We process warranty requests as soon as possible. Please allow up to four weeks from the day you ship the knife before contacting us.

Will you sharpen my knife?

Yes, we sharpen every knife sent in for warranty service as part of our normal procedure. We provide this service free of charge.
We will only sharpen and repair ZT Knives.

How will I know if my knife is covered under warranty?

Please provide your phone number and the best time to call you in your letter of information. If necessary we will call you to discuss your knife.

Do I include money for return shipping costs?

No, we do not charge for the return shipping costs. However, in order to keep providing warranty for free we mail out all knives sent in for warranty service via the post office. We cannot accommodate overnight or other special shipping requests.

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